iTraq comes with 2000 location reports included. This means that once you use 2000 location reports or after one month from device activation (whatever happens first), you will need to have an active subscription to continue using iTraq.

The count of location reports and expiration time count starts from the moment when you add iTraq to your mobile application (activate your iTraq).  

Annual subscription: $59/year (annual billing) or $5.9/month (monthly billing). 

We offer lower rates for customers who have two or more devices:

$4.0/month or 40/year for the SECOND device

$3.5/month or 35/year for the THIRD device

$3.0/month or 30/year for the FOURTH and further devices

Subscriptions are non-refundable, so you will not get the pro-rated refund if you decide to stop using your iTraq and cancel your subscription.