iTraq Nano operations are driven by a defined schedule. At the scheduled times, iTraq Nano wakes up and reports its location. Also, during this short wake-up time, iTraq Nano “learns” about any changes in the schedule. 

As a result, you can change the location reporting schedule anytime using the iTraq Mobile Application, but the device will “learn” this new schedule only during the next wake up period. 

Example: Let's say the current schedule is once per hour, and the device is scheduled to wake up at 1:00PM. It is now 12:15PM. You are change the schedule to report every 10 minutes, iTraq Nano will learn about this change when it wakes up at 1:00PM. After 1:00 PM, it will begin reporting every 10 minutes: 1:10PM, 1:20PM etc.